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Ebberston Yoga Group

The Ebberston Yoga group meets in Ebberston village hall every Wednesday at 7.30pm. It costs £4 per session simply to cover the hall hire charges, with surplus ploughed back into building up a library of audio classes and equipment, or to pay for the occasional visiting teacher. There’s no joining/membership fee.

Our classes are not run by a teacher but rather we do a wide variety of styles of yoga classes to audio CD, and we always conclude with a mediation / relaxation session. It’s fun, relaxing and good for you!

Lunge Forward bend Warrior pose Bridge pose

You will need to bring your own yoga/exercise mat to provide you with a cushioned surface to practice on, and a blanket for relaxation at the end. Yoga blocks and belts are provided when required for a class. We practice in bare feet and it is recommended that you don’t eat immediately before attending a class. When practising yoga, always listen to your body. You should never force your body into a posture or try to go beyond your limit – yoga is not a competitive sport! Use your judgement, be patient with yourself and feel the benefits!

New face always welcome! Ring Judith: 01723 859730

(Stick figures used with permission from Scott Coleman at