Ebberston Yoga Group

The Ebberston Yoga group meets in Ebberston village hall every Wednesday at 7.30pm. It costs £4 per session simply to cover the hall hire charges, with surplus ploughed back into building up our library of audio sessions and equipment, or to pay for the occasional visiting teacher. There’s no joining/membership fee.

Our sessions are not led by a teacher but rather we do a wide variety of styles of yoga to detailed audio CD and sometimes videos. We always conclude with a mediation / relaxation session. It’s fun, relaxing and good for you! Our small friendly group has been meeting regularly since 2006 – almost every Wednesday of the year except for a few weeks around Christmas!

Forward bend
Warrior pose
Bridge pose

If you would like to join us, you will need to bring your own yoga/exercise mat to provide you with a cushioned surface to practice on, and a blanket for relaxation at the end. We have yoga blocks and belts when required. We practice in bare feet and it is recommended that you don’t eat immediately before attending. When practising yoga, always listen to your body. You should never force your body into a posture or try to go beyond your limit – yoga is not a competitive sport! Use your judgement, be patient with yourself and feel the benefits!

New faces always welcome! Ring Judith: 01723 859730

(Stick figures used with permission from Scott Coleman at http://www.yoga-training-you.com)

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