The Village Fair – a potted history and image gallery

There had been several incarnations of Ebberston village fair going back to 1970s (or maybe even earlier) when the fair was a few stalls and tombola, on the green where the millennium stone now sits or inside the village hall. When someone* suggested to make it a much larger affair and to hold an event at the Sportsfield, as far as I could ascertain from village hall meeting records, the fair in 2009 was probably the 25th one (but the first one at the Sportsfield). So every other January when the village hall committee meet and ask the familiar question, “Are we having a fair this year?” – all heads as usual turn in my direction … !


Ebberston Village Fair 2009 – “The first one”

Ebberston Village Fair 2011 “The one with the owls”

Ebberston Village Fair 2013 – “The one where we sorted Jeni out but forgot to take many pictures”

Ebberston Village Fair 2015 – “The wet one”

Ebberston Village Fair 2017 – “The one where we knew how to put up the marquee / The one with the ducking stool and the go-karts”

Ebberston Village Fair 2019 – “The hot one and the one with the inter-village ‘splash’ challenge”