Joe helps plant new trees for Ebberston

As part of Ryedale District Council’s Tree for Free initiative, Ebberston & Yedingham Parish Council were offered a tree along with other parishes in the area.  The Parish Council have planted two trees at the foot of the village and young resident Joe Wood helped to plant them.

A smiling Joe Wood helps to plant Ebberston’s new trees, November 2019

As well as offering trees to each parish, RDC gave 100 households in Ryedale a free tree to plant in their garden. They also cleared a small overgrown piece of their land in Helmsley and planted it with trees.

Given the climate emergency, we all need to make better decisions about our activities and encourage others to act responsibly and go greener. Well done Joe!

Pants, Viagra and a £5 note: a rather unusual insight into Yorkshire life along the A170!

As with all the villages along the A170, Ebberston suffers its share of litter being thrown from cars at speed as they pass along the roads that top and tail our village. A few times a year, a dedicated litter picking team collects what amounts each time to over 10 bags of rubbish from the verges which is then collected by the council.

This month’s pick has reflected the shift by fast food restaurants to paper and card packaging, and so plastic and polystyrene have been found in much fewer quantities compared to this time last year. The card and paper degrades quite quickly which is better of course, but still not as good as taking your litter home with you and recycling it.

The “interesting” haul from earlier this year is still hard to beat: a combo which included two car wheels, a pair of long black high heel boots, a pair of black gloves and a DVD case for an X-rated film – probably trumping the separate find of a pair of men’s pants! But this time round the awesome haul included more car wheels, bits of a caravan, a packet of Viagra and a £5 note! That’s a good night out…

The note was filthy and almost discarded but was spotted, cleaned and given to the village hall who are using it to buy a new biscuit tin for the newly refurbished kitchen.

Other people’s rubbish and discarded items are the bread and butter of archaeologists, but what on earth would all this say about us in the 21st century?

This month’s litter picking haul, ready for collection