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Remembering the Old Village School at Ebberston

As one of the key focal points in Ebberston, the Village Hall hosts weekly events such as table tennis and yoga. But before it became the Village Hall in 1975, the older residents of Ebberston will remember it simply as the Village School. Erected in 1874 AD, the school started out with pupils occupying two classrooms. The smaller classroom (now the kitchen) had children ranging from 5 to 11, which in the 1950s, was taught by Miss Heuby. The main classroom (now the main hall) had the rest of the children, taught by the Headmaster Mr Winspear from the age of 11 to when they left at 14.

Due to the small size of the building there was no room for a canteen, so the school rented the Chapel House now the privately owned Wesley House as the school dinner hall. Doreen Ruth Vasey who went to Ebberston school between 1950 and 1958 fondly remembers the school dinner being the best part of the day. ” I remember walking down the street in pairs to the Chapel Schoolroom, and I always looked forward to it as the dinners where always very nice”.

Like many schools in the 1900s, Ebberston was provided with little glass bottles with milk in for every student in the school every day which the school then warmed up for drinking. Mary Langdale a resident of Ebberston told me how they kept the milk warm, “They would give us 1\3 of a pint of milk which would have been warmed by the open fire at the south end of the main classroom. The milk would be lined up on a stone in front of the fire”.

An old school photograph from a newspaper article provided by Jean Burnett. It was taken in 1937 with many people in the photo remaining in the area long after they left. The school closed in 1975.
Dickinson Vasey’s school book (provided by Daphne Vasey) used for attendance and grading.
Ebberston Village school photograph taken in 1951 in the main school yard, now used as the Village Hall car park.

As I was doing my research for this blog I discovered that villager John Wood had inherited an old cupboard that was actually used in the school. The cupboard had two marks on the side both to hang two canes. John kindly allowed me to take a photo of it. Apparently, one cane was used for the knuckles while the other was used for bottoms!

The old school cupboard .

What on Earth’s That?!

A hands-on artefact quiz “What on Earth’s That?” is coming to Ebberston Village hall on Thursday 18th June at 7pm. Tickets on the door are £4 plus we will have a small raffle at the end. The quiz will be hosted by the Malton Dickens Society.

Mystery objects!
Mystery objects!

To get those cogs whirring, have a look at some of these mystery objects. Can you identify any of them?! (Sorry, we don’t have the answers either!)

Library Theatre Co. play John Godber’s Happy Jack

Friday 22nd May saw Liz and Roger from the Library Theatre company return to Ebberston Village hall to perform the comedy drama ‘Happy Jack’ by John Godber. Tickets were almost sold out in advance and we saw several new faces in the audience from beyond the village. Thank you to everyone who came along and supported us.

Liz and Roger backstage, or should we say back kitchen...
Liz and Roger backstage, or should we say back kitchen…

The Library Theatre company was formed in 1996 supported by Leeds Libraries with the original aim of taking accessible, professional theatre to outlying areas but now perform nationally. They adapted their performance easily to our small hall and can perform without a stage. If you are interested in booking a touring play, contact Roger Cook on 0113 2504803.

The Library Theatre perform at Ebberston
The Library Theatre perform at Ebberston

The Scarborough-Pickering railway – a talk by Robin Lidster

We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the village hall on Thursday 16th April 2015, with local historian Robin Lidster who was back this time, not in his guise as the Magic lantern man, but as a truly knowledgeable railwayman. He told us all about the history and the stories behind the stations, the opening and the closing of the Scarborough to Pickering railway which once ran through Ebberston.

Robin Lidster at Ebberston village hall, April 2015
Robin Lidster at Ebberston village hall, April 2015

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Ebberston Yoga Group

The Ebberston Yoga group meets in Ebberston village hall every Wednesday at 7.30pm. It costs £4 per session simply to cover the hall hire charges, with surplus ploughed back into building up a library of audio classes and equipment, or to pay for the occasional visiting teacher. There’s no joining/membership fee.

Our classes are not run by a teacher but rather we do a wide variety of styles of yoga classes to audio CD, and we always conclude with a mediation / relaxation session. It’s fun, relaxing and good for you!

Lunge Forward bend Warrior pose Bridge pose

You will need to bring your own yoga/exercise mat to provide you with a cushioned surface to practice on, and a blanket for relaxation at the end. Yoga blocks and belts are provided when required for a class. We practice in bare feet and it is recommended that you don’t eat immediately before attending a class. When practising yoga, always listen to your body. You should never force your body into a posture or try to go beyond your limit – yoga is not a competitive sport! Use your judgement, be patient with yourself and feel the benefits!

New face always welcome! Ring Judith: 01723 859730

(Stick figures used with permission from Scott Coleman at http://www.yoga-training-you.com)