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Just a compilation of links about the village – just to get you started. Note that these are ordered by resource not chronology. You can also browse some Images of Ebberston complied from a mix of old postcards as well as villagers’ own photos. Lots of ‘then and now’ images.

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Why Ebberston?

Now called Ebberston, the village name has been spelt in a variety of ways over the centuries. Edbriztun(e) (1086), E-, JEdbri(c)hteston (1163), Edbriston (1185-95), Edbreston (1254), Ebreston(a) (1114-9), Ebriston(e) (1202).

The earliest recorded name is from the Domesday book (dated 1086) : “Edbriztune” meaning the farmstead (tun) of a man called Eadbriht/Eadbeorht (a common Old English name)

(Source: A.H. Smith 1979 The Place-names of the North Riding of Yorkshire, English Place Name Society)

External Links

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Notable residents

Claude Martin Bradley – Yorkshire’s “secret” Sideshow Artist

Frank Henry Mason (artist)

‘Squire’ Osbaldeston (sportsman). Also has his own Wikipedia entry. There is a portrait and history of him here too.

Margaret de Wend-Fenton and West de Wend-Fenton – his obituary also has some colourful village history (but need to register to be able to view)